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Submitted on
October 20, 2012
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Your ears flickered as you heard a faint meow. Turning your head to where you heard it, you jumped up on a ledge and saw a small box. You looked around trying to see if this was a trap but no one was in sight. You were a big Manx cat, bigger than regular male cats but that just helped you look more intimidating. You quickly made your way over to the box where you saw a small baby kitten that was probably about a week or two. You took in it's feature's as it had a fading light brown face and belly with a brown stripe on it's back, and one the very end of it's tail was a spot of light brown at the end. He was so tiny and small. The poor baby looked like it was starving. It's little head bobbled around looking for it's mother. You went over to the box and picked the poor thing up but not before looking around for anyone. Hearing nothing you jumped down and scurried off. The small kitten meowed despritly as you took it away.

------- a few years layer --------

The little kitten you had 'rescued' as people called it. Was now bigger and healthier looking then when you first found him. Yes, .... Him. You dicided to name him Antonio. It had a gentle ring to it that seemed to fit him perfectly.

"Mama~!"cried the younger voice of your son who ran stright into you but fell backwards.

You walked over to him and started licking his still tiny head.

"Mama!"he meowed excidedly.

"What is it baby?"you said as you stopped.

"I made two new friends!"he meowed happily as his little lime green eyes lit up with excitment.

"That's wounderful!"you meowed as you licked his cheek.

"There names are Francis and Gilbert!"he meowed as he jumped on your head.

"I'll half to meet them sometime!"you purred.


-------- 2 years later --------


"Mama!"cried your now older baby.

He was now up to your chest when you sat down and the feeling of losing your baby was finally sinking in.

"What is it?"you asked smiling as you saw his happy face.

"W-Well....."he said smiling and looking down with a slight blush.

"Hmmm?"you purred.

"There's this girl! And-"as soon as those words slipped his mouth you tackled him and started nuzzling his head into your chest.

"I'm losing my baby!"you meowed as you held back your tears of pride, joy, but also sadness.

You couldn't help it! YOU WERE LOSING YOUR BABY!

"Well you see, she dosen't know I like her yet..."he said looking down depressed.

"Baby what are you waiting for?! Go get her!"you laughed as you nudged him away.


---------- 3 years later ---------


Your baby was finaly deciding to tell his little crush he liked her when you saw him running full speed at you.

"MA~!MA~!"he cried jumping ono you.

He was a much more bigger cat now. He could've almost been intimidating if he wasn't such a sweetheart. But you would't of changed anything about him.

"She said yes! She said yes!"he repeated as if his life depended on it.

You laughed as you licked his face.

"Now when do I meet her?"you asked as your smile grew.


------- a year later -------


You had met your baby's girlfriend and you happily aproved as she was as sweet as sugar. My you even started to speak like him! They had become mates. It wasn't going to be long till-

"MAMA! MAMA! MA~MA!"cried your son as happy as he ever was.

"What is it baby?"you asked as you happily welcomed him over to you.

"S-She She!"he panted but couldn't get a word out.

"What is it baby tell me!"you laughed at his excidedness.

"She having my babies!"he yelled loudly.

You gasped and tackled your him and you gave him endless kisses.

"I'm so happy for you!"you laughed as you nuzzled him.


-------- 9 weeks later  ----------


You sat next to your baby as he cried into your furr. You licked away his tears as you held back your own. Your poor baby's mate died giving birth to her litter. But what made it worse was that all of them died except one. He was shacking badly as he looked down at the small kitten before him.

"Mama...."he said as his voice cracked.

"Yes baby..."you said as you looked at the face of the small innocent face of your baby's baby.

"What do I do know?!"he yelled.

"I don't know how to rasie a baby. Not with out her..."he quieted down as his words were too chocked to even understand.

"Shh~~ Shh~~"you hushed as you looked down at the small kitten.

"Your gonna take care of him and love him with all your heart, that's what your gonna do. And I'll help you, or till you get on your feet."you said as you turned to him before looking back at the meowing kitten.


------- a few years later  -------


"Hey bastard!"you heard from the little fiesty kitten.

"Roma! Not infront of GrandMama!"your son cried as he raced over to him.

"Baby it's alright! He was born to be a little fiesty one!"you said as you walked over to them.

"But he shouldn't talk like that infront of a lady."your baby said looking down at his son, Roma.

"Well I'll let it go then, as long as you never say those things to a lady."you said a you licked your little grandson.

"Eww. GrandMama."he whined but you both laughed as his cuteness.


--------- years later ----------


"Shhh~ Shhh~"you hushed as your two little guys were crying over you.

"Ma-Mama!"your baby cried as life began to slip away from you.

"Please don't go GrandMama!"little Roma cried.

"What am I gonna do without you Mama?"your baby cried as his little one tried to hide his tears.

"Baby, your gonna grow and watch your little Roma grow up and then your gonna take care of him and his family."you said as you tried to even out your breathing.

"Mama....Please!"he begged but you shook your head.

"Baby when it's time it's time."you said tiredly.

"Mama...."he said chocking on his tears.

It reminded you of that time....

"Baby before I go I want you two to both know.... That you'll always be my baby boy's."you said as you smiled a them.

"Mama! MAMA!"he yelled as you slipped away.

This is a sad story inspired by some cat video's.
Sorry for misspells or no spaced words.
Hope you enjoyed~ ^^
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FlameTimeTravelCat Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
First time my feels broke. . .
*Sobs and wipes eyes* Whyyyy meeee? Why'd I have to diiiieeee
then again, I was probably old. . . Baht
*Le sob*
Buh-bye feels. Nice knowing you.
crazy-redridinghood Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
The feels... the epic feels...

I would rescue Antonio as a kitten any day! \(;~;)/
GlowKit Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014  Student Writer
animewhofan001 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I'm so happy!I just got over a sad fanfic!~:D

Your poor baby's mate died giving birth to her litter. But what made it worse was that all of them died except one.  
zimantha87 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
The feels....
DreamingHetalia101 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
germanpuppydog Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
This brought tears to my eyes.
Cheezit1x1 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013  Hobbyist
Thank you! ^w^
germanpuppydog Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
You have to make more!
A-Weird-Ohioan Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
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